Today’s high-stress, fast–paced lifestyles can lead to physical and mental stresses that eventually become evident as physical pain.

Sports injuries, repetitive strain and tension from everyday stresses often cause discomfort and can lead to disability. The nature of these problems as well as an increased awareness of complementary health care, have made individuals appreciate massage therapy as a safe, natural, and effective way to decrease pain.

Massage therapy is also effective in the control of pain, both acute and chronic, in stress reduction and in creating a sense of relaxation and well-being. A trained massage therapist focuses on the normalization of the soft tissues affected by stress, injury, and illness using manual techniques that encourage the body’s own healing processes to act. Massage therapy aids in reducing injury healing time and is an excellent form of preventative health care. However, you do not need to be injured or in pain to experience and enjoy a massage. It can be used as a tool to help facilitate your general wellbeing.